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How to measure your dog

how to measure your pet

Don’t worry, it’s normal to not knowing your dog measures. But we recommend you to learn it for several reasons. Maybe one day you will need to buy a cage to transport him, or maybe you want to buy him some fancy clothes. It is crucial that the garments fit his body perfectly. Here you have some tips about how to measure your dog.

That’s right, some dogs have hair all over their body, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to stay warm in cool weather anyway, same as humans. Dog garments also protect them from allergens and cover their skin from sunburn.

In this post we will give you information for outfit your canine friend the best way possible, especially when you want to dress him in fancy tailor-made dog clothes.

Remember that stretchy fabrics like natural cotton or loosely fabrics let the dog move freely and comfortably because they give extra space to its body. Moreover, it will be easier to put on and take off.

How to measure your dog: take note of these tips

First of all, check out our youtube vídeo with a demosntration about how to measure your dog:

Check out or vídeo for to measure your dog correctly

1.- Prepare your treats!

In general, dogs are not used to being dressed or measured, each dog has its own personality. A good trick consists in to pet them while using the measuring tape. You may also need someone to hold the dog steady while you take the measurements, especially when they are big.

2.- Place the dog at your height

It is easier to measure your dog’s rib if you don’t need to crouch. Maybe you can put the dog on the table, or above yourself on the sofa.

3.- Groom them before

Use a brush to smooth all of the furs for an accurate measurement.

4.- Write down the measurement

It may seem silly but if you don’t write down all the numbers you can mix them and get a bad measurement.

Remember, Hey Puppies is the eco-friendly tailor-made dog fashion brand where you can buy garments that will fit perfectly your dog body.

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