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Keep Updated with Hey Puppies Social Media

Hey Puppies Social Media

We are not only an eco friendly dog fashion brand. We also try to help making a better world. Check out the Hey Puppies Social Media and keep updated with our news about dog garments and eco friendly attitude.

That’s right, we are eco! We design and create fancy and sustainable custom dog clothes, this means that we are a Bespoke dog fashion brand. But with an extra value that make us different: we only create sustainable and recyclable materials to protect and fit the body of your best canine friend.

When will we launch the next Hey Puppies summer collection? Do we use nickel free buttons? Do we have a free shipping within Europe service? All you want to know is answered in our social media accounts.

“Keep connected with us to know everything about our organic next dog clothing collection.”

Hey Puppies Social Media list

· In the Hey Puppies instagram account you will find pictures of our new collections.

· You can also see the Hey Puppies Linkedin page where we publish news and posts.

· Oh, there is a Hey Puppies Pinterest profile too! Here you can check the organic fashion world, of human and dogs.

· Of course, there is also a Hey Puppies Facebook page where you can contact us and explain to us your stories!

· Every minute someone is talking about being eco friendly. That is so important! In the Hey Puppies Twitter you can participate of it.

· We want you to have full options to keep updated about us, so you can also contact us through the Hey Puppies Google Plus page.

· We also have a Hey Puppies Slideshare account with a lookbook.

Our last post was about why you should dress your pup with natural garments. So choose whatever option do you prefer and start following us for dog fashion news and eco friendly actions.

Do you have a social media account? Tell us in the comment section and we will follow you as well!

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