Is Hey Puppies a manufacturer or a distributor?

Hey Puppies is a manufacturer. We scout and choose the best materials from local suppliers, to create the best tailor-made clothes for dogs ever, while respecting the planet.

Since every garment is created for a specific dog, we deal directly with you, our customer. This lessens our environmental impact and allows us to provide personalized service.

How many collections has Hey Puppies developed?

Hey Puppies has developed 4 main collections:

–          Organic Line

–          Sustainable Line

–          Upcycled line

–          Denim line

Where is Hey Puppies located?

Hey Puppies is based in the beautiful and inspiring city of Barcelona, Spain.

Does Hey Puppies ship outside Spain?

Sure! We offer Free Shipping throughout Europe and shipping outside of Europe is also available upon demand.

Is it possible to visit the Hey Puppies Dog Atelier?

Absolutely! Come and see yourself! We invite you to schedule a visit to see our Dog Atelier during the work week, where you can meet our craftsmen, touch the fabrics, feel the vibe, see our love for pets and for the planet. We would love to treat you to a coffee and meet your pet.

What does ethical dog fashion mean?

It means creating valuable fashion masterpieces while respecting the planet and its inhabitants. More precisely blending fashion, haute couture, lifestyle, eco-friendly materials, local suppliers, attention to small details and our love for dogs, to create fashionable attire without polluting the environment.