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Sleeveless Dog Sweatshirt Samedi


Ref. W26.18.O.SM

This adorable sleeveless dog sweatshirt features a brown body and a skirt with printed white stars and matching cuffs. It’s the perfect garment for walks, your pet will look prim and precious. It is edged with a beige organic 100% cotton fabric, perfect for dogs with delicate and dermatitis skin problems.

Sleeveless Dog Sweatshirt Samedi:

· Easy to put on and take off.
· Adjustable neck made of stretchy organic cotton fabric.
· Elastic 100% organic cotton belly.
· Fluffy and Comfortable.
· Color: brown and beige.
· 100% Organic lining.
· With a leash/harness hole.

Here you can see the dog sweatshirt Samedi with sleeves version.