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Dog breeds prone to skin issues

dog breeds skin problems

If you see your pooch scratching or licking himself more than usual, check it out, because maybe it’s a skin problem. Is one of the most common reasons owners take their pets to the vet. Here you have a list with the dog breeds prone to skin issues.

Did you know that up to 10% of dogs have or will have dermatitis? It is an inflammation of the skin and one of the most common skin diseases in canine pets. The reason for dog skin problems range from parasites to allergies, but don’t worry, with love, grooming, medicated shampoos and appropriate clothes it can be avoided and treated. Remember to dress your pup with natural garments.

Common signs of skin issues include hair loss, itching, redness and bumps on the skin. The most irritable body are ears, legs, armpits, feet and around the eyes.

Some dogs have a genetic predisposition towards developing skin infections or allergies. That’s right, it’s hereditary. Dogs can inherit a weak immune system from its parents and this will expose them to all kinds of allergens.

List of dog breeds prone to skin issues:

1.- French bulldogs:

This breed has folds all over his body, this cause dermatitis, generating itching and redness.

2.- Chinese crested:

Chinese Crested can be prone to dryness and because of its skin regularly exposed to sun and pollution, it must be protected. Dress them can also cause issues, so be sure it made off organic wool and fabrics.

3.- Pugs:

Pugs have a large amount of irritated skin that is wrinkled on the head.

4.- Shar Peis:

Wrinkles are typical of this breed, but also can cause skin fold dermatitis, a genetic Shar Pei’s skin issue. If they don’t have a healthy immune system, may also suffer from demodectic mange, a type of mite causing demodectic mange living on their skin.

5.- Chihuahuas:

This breed can suffer a yeast infection because of yeast overgrowth. It can appear on determined spots or all over the body. Dry skin or bacterial dermatitis may also occur.

Bringing a dog into your home is an important responsibility so you have to provide him with not only emotional care but medical. Anytime you see your dog behaviour is strange or has any kind of injury, please contact your vet.

We will update more breeds information on this post. Remember that if you want your dog to dress stunning and also healthy check our organic dog clothes.

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