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Dog Raincoats

Dog Raincoats

Check out our stunning Dog Raincoats collection for your beloved puppy. Keep your furry friend warm, dry and stylish with its design perfect for rainy days with a fashionable look.

Dogs need to go for a walk every day. Doesn’t matter if the weather is rainy or cold, is in its nature. So it’s better if you have a waterproof dog jacket to protect them while going to the street bathroom. the garment design is important to keep the puppy warm and dry and let him move freely at the same time. The fabric must be lightweight and breathable to prevent your dog for overheating and can include a hood to protect its head.

Dog Raincoats: an ecologic option

Our dog waterproof coats are handmade in our atelier in Barcelona, 100% of sustainable materials. If you want to take care of your dog and the planet at the same time, Hey Puppies is your brand.

Enjoy your walks on rainy days with our collection of dog raincoats with nickel free buttons and sustainable fabrics. We have sporty, trendy and fantasy designs to pamper your dog. Check out all of our models!