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Dog Pyjamas

Dog Pyjamas

Keep your puppy stylish and cozy with our dog pyjamas. All our garments are handmade with a lot of love and ecologic materials. We want your furry friend to have sweet dreams.

To choose the correct nightwear for your pet is crucial. Must be soft, cozy and comfortable to snooze all day. But at the same time easy to wear on the street. Some dogs don’t have much hair so they need a garment to cuddle up when the weather turns chilly.

Dog Pyjamas: a second skin!

Our dog jammies are onesie garments, designed for perfect rest and move freely at the same time, like a second skin. You can choose between our organic collection or our magic line and use it at home or outdoors. All of our sleepers are easy to put on and off and made of breathable cotton.

Keep your dog stylish with our tailor-made nightdresses that easily adapt to its body. Hey Puppies is an eco-friendly dog fashion brand that cares about your dog’s health and the planet’s too.