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Pet’s fashion future is environmentally friendly

future pet fashion environmentally friendly

Let’s make one thing clear, consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainability. Because of the young consumer’s attitude, fashion brand goals are now focused not only on human and animal but also on planet rights. Several studies demonstrate that this trend is spreading and the future of the pet fashion is environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment, and it is a well-known concept not seriously considered until the last decade, especially in countries where the mass population is putting additional stress on the environment.

“Today’s consumers don’t want to buy a product, they want to buy a lifestyle”,Rishabh Chokhani.

Pet clothes future is eco-friendly

Millennials and the generations to come are more conscious than ever. Their shopping choices are based on the origins, composition, and consequences of the garment making process. Are these garments 100% organic? Where has this shirt been made? What do other people say about this brand? They have easy, instant and full access to information that helps them to live according to a more conscious way.

But this is not new. A 2015 poll by Nielsen concluded that ‘consumer-goods’ brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t. And despite Millennials live in one of the most difficult economic climates in years, they keep showing their willingness to pay extra for sustainable brands.

On the other hand, we treat our pets like humans, It is one of the consequences of the new millennial sensibility. Among other things, we are feeding our pets with organic food not only because we want to take care of them but because we are truly conscious about the impact of our actions on the planet.

So, what does it mean for a fashion brand to be more sustainable and eco-friendly? Our four lines have been developed in collaboration with the best local partners to guarantee the strictest quality standards and dress your pooch with the highest quality organic and sustainable materials possible, while respecting the planet.

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How to measure your dog

how to measure your pet

Don’t worry, it’s normal to not knowing your dog measures. But we recommend you to learn it for several reasons. Maybe one day you will need to buy a cage to transport him, or maybe you want to buy him some fancy clothes. It is crucial that the garments fit his body perfectly. Here you have some tips about how to measure your dog.

That’s right, some dogs have hair all over their body, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to stay warm in cool weather anyway, same as humans. Dog garments also protect them from allergens and cover their skin from sunburn.

In this post we will give you information for outfit your canine friend the best way possible, especially when you want to dress him in fancy tailor-made dog clothes.

Remember that stretchy fabrics like natural cotton or loosely fabrics let the dog move freely and comfortably because they give extra space to its body. Moreover, it will be easier to put on and take off.

How to measure your dog: take note of these tips

First of all, check out our youtube vídeo with a demosntration about how to measure your dog:

Check out or vídeo for to measure your dog correctly

1.- Prepare your treats!

In general, dogs are not used to being dressed or measured, each dog has its own personality. A good trick consists in to pet them while using the measuring tape. You may also need someone to hold the dog steady while you take the measurements, especially when they are big.

2.- Place the dog at your height

It is easier to measure your dog’s rib if you don’t need to crouch. Maybe you can put the dog on the table, or above yourself on the sofa.

3.- Groom them before

Use a brush to smooth all of the furs for an accurate measurement.

4.- Write down the measurement

It may seem silly but if you don’t write down all the numbers you can mix them and get a bad measurement.

Remember, Hey Puppies is the eco-friendly tailor-made dog fashion brand where you can buy garments that will fit perfectly your dog body.

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Dog breeds prone to skin issues

dog breeds skin problems

If you see your pooch scratching or licking himself more than usual, check it out, because maybe it’s a skin problem. Is one of the most common reasons owners take their pets to the vet. Here you have a list with the dog breeds prone to skin issues.

Did you know that up to 10% of dogs have or will have dermatitis? It is an inflammation of the skin and one of the most common skin diseases in canine pets. The reason for dog skin problems range from parasites to allergies, but don’t worry, with love, grooming, medicated shampoos and appropriate clothes it can be avoided and treated. Remember to dress your pup with natural garments.

Common signs of skin issues include hair loss, itching, redness and bumps on the skin. The most irritable body are ears, legs, armpits, feet and around the eyes.

Some dogs have a genetic predisposition towards developing skin infections or allergies. That’s right, it’s hereditary. Dogs can inherit a weak immune system from its parents and this will expose them to all kinds of allergens.

List of dog breeds prone to skin issues:

1.- French bulldogs:

This breed has folds all over his body, this cause dermatitis, generating itching and redness.

2.- Chinese crested:

Chinese Crested can be prone to dryness and because of its skin regularly exposed to sun and pollution, it must be protected. Dress them can also cause issues, so be sure it made off organic wool and fabrics.

3.- Pugs:

Pugs have a large amount of irritated skin that is wrinkled on the head.

4.- Shar Peis:

Wrinkles are typical of this breed, but also can cause skin fold dermatitis, a genetic Shar Pei’s skin issue. If they don’t have a healthy immune system, may also suffer from demodectic mange, a type of mite causing demodectic mange living on their skin.

5.- Chihuahuas:

This breed can suffer a yeast infection because of yeast overgrowth. It can appear on determined spots or all over the body. Dry skin or bacterial dermatitis may also occur.

Bringing a dog into your home is an important responsibility so you have to provide him with not only emotional care but medical. Anytime you see your dog behaviour is strange or has any kind of injury, please contact your vet.

We will update more breeds information on this post. Remember that if you want your dog to dress stunning and also healthy check our organic dog clothes.

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The world’s 5 most luxurious pet hotels

Luxury Pet hotels

Many can dream about it but only a few can afford this kind of fancy accommodation. If you dress your pup with our stylish and chic dog collections, now you can pamper even more your pet with a luxurious getaway in one of the best pet hotels in the world. These hotels do not only offer accommodation but the ultimate in grooming, pet care and wellness with expensive amenities.

As always, we only want to recommend you healthy options for your pet. Like this post where we explained you why dressing your dog with organic clothes is so much better. So today we want to discuss the phrase “No place like home”, It’s completely true unless you need to travel and you can’t carry your furry friend with you. Then you can leave him in a pet hotel, risking you to never see him again, because it will be probably paradise. Here you have a special selection of pet hotels to treat your pet like a king.

The list of the 5 most luxurious pet hotels:

1.- The Posh Pet hotel in Palm Beach.

Our first option is a five-star dog and cat luxury hotel located in Florida. Its staff is well trained and provide a 24-hour service 7 days a week. Even it has a wellness zone where the animals can enjoy a massage, acupuncture, aquapuncture and other health therapies. Your pet can also be trained at its Posh University, from minor tricks or obedience to larger behavioral issues. You can find more information at its website.

Posh Pet Hotel
Posh Pet Hotel

2.- The Ings in Yorkshire

In this luxury cat hotel located in the United Kingdom, all the suites have stunning panoramic views across the fields and woodland. There, your furry friend will enjoy super-sized family beds, climbing trees, bubble water lamps, fireflies, flameless candles, virtual televisions with birds or fishes and beautiful animal portraits for their visual joy. They can also get a cat massage before going to sleep. You can find more information on its website.

The Ings Luxury Hotel
The Ings Luxury Hotel

3.- The Jet Pet Resort in Vancouver

Time to fly to Canada where this pet resort acquired in 2014 will make your dog wag its tail. There you will find extensive indoor and outdoor boarding facilities to offer your dog a spacious, clean and fun environment. Its highly trained professional staff give your dog private walks and luxury grooming services like massages or manicures. You can find more information on its website.

The jet pet resort
The jet pet resort

4.- The Wagington in Singapore

This luxury Pet Hotel & Resort offers dog suites with sumptuous furnishings, quality handcrafted soft faux leather orthopedic beds and high definition webcam. It also features feline suites with breath-taking views over the Doghill Garden. The Wagington provides a spa, a bone shaped pool and an array of activities for your pet. Check out its website for more information.

the waginton
the waginton

5.- Luxury Las Vegas Dog Boarding and Cat Hotel

In this luxury pet hotel, your furry friendy will find super comfortable queen-sized memory foam beds, enjoy a relaxing massage or exercise in the dog gym. It will be able to choose between several meal plan options, indoor and outdoor play areas, artisanal treats, bottled water and soothing music playing throughout the hotel. Take a look at its website.

Luxury Las vegas
Luxury Las vegas

That’s our list for the most luxurious pet hotels around the world. Soon we will review more special places for pets. Keep in paw!

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Keep Updated with Hey Puppies Social Media

Hey Puppies Social Media

We are not only an eco friendly dog fashion brand. We also try to help making a better world. Check out the Hey Puppies Social Media and keep updated with our news about dog garments and eco friendly attitude.

That’s right, we are eco! We design and create fancy and sustainable custom dog clothes, this means that we are a Bespoke dog fashion brand. But with an extra value that make us different: we only create sustainable and recyclable materials to protect and fit the body of your best canine friend.

When will we launch the next Hey Puppies summer collection? Do we use nickel free buttons? Do we have a free shipping within Europe service? All you want to know is answered in our social media accounts.

“Keep connected with us to know everything about our organic next dog clothing collection.”

Hey Puppies Social Media list

· In the Hey Puppies instagram account you will find pictures of our new collections.

· You can also see the Hey Puppies Linkedin page where we publish news and posts.

· Oh, there is a Hey Puppies Pinterest profile too! Here you can check the organic fashion world, of human and dogs.

· Of course, there is also a Hey Puppies Facebook page where you can contact us and explain to us your stories!

· Every minute someone is talking about being eco friendly. That is so important! In the Hey Puppies Twitter you can participate of it.

· We want you to have full options to keep updated about us, so you can also contact us through the Hey Puppies Google Plus page.

· We also have a Hey Puppies Slideshare account with a lookbook.

Our last post was about why you should dress your pup with natural garments. So choose whatever option do you prefer and start following us for dog fashion news and eco friendly actions.

Do you have a social media account? Tell us in the comment section and we will follow you as well!

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Why dress your pup with natural garments?

Ropa natural para perro

That’s a very good question, because it has two answers. All human action has its consequences on earth, and if we can help in that just a little bit, we will feel a little better. This is the main Hey Puppies leitmotiv: to help improve the environment while improving dog clothing. This is why you need to dress your pup with natural garments.

Because with natural fabrics you will take real care of your furry friend. Pets and specially dogs need to take its walks everyday. And a proper garment that fits perfectly its body is important to let the dog move freely. Moreover, quality materials will prevent chafing and skin lesions. This is why it’s so important to get custom dog clothes.

How can we do that? How can we take care of our puppies ans help saving the planet at the same time? Easy, with little details in the making of each garment. Here do you have a little list that can change everything:

  • We use seeds free from genetic modification.
  • Our local partners use raingwater for irrigation, organic insecticide free farming.
  • This also mean fields free from pollution.
  • Our organic collection only use cotton in natural colors.
  • Our garments don’t use chemical elements.
  • We use biodgradable fabrics.

All these facts make Hey Puppies a environmentally friendly brand.

Why dress your pup with natural garments?

The other reason is not so well known among dog owners. The better the quality of a garment, the better it will be for the dog. Our organic collection has natural antiallergic properties and all our pieces are made of free nickel buttons, this helps to avoid allergic reactions and dermatitis.

Allergy, ear infection, dermatitis, bald patches and itching paws are common symptom when a dog visit the vet. This problems use to affect breeds like whippets, french bulldogs, chinese cresteds, greyhoundsYou can prevent that with natural and organic dog clothing.

Has your dog had skin problems? Tell us your story in the comments section.

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Hey Puppies collection presentation at Interzoo 2018

Hey Puppies at Interzoo

Hey Puppies have officially presented itself to the pet world during Interzoo 2018, the international pet industry’s leading exhibition located in Nuremberg, Germany.  From the 8th to the 11th of May 2018 about 38.600 visitors from 126 different countries have had the opportunity to meet our first eco friendly dog fashion brand collection.

That’s right, each of our pieces is a labor of love, handcrafted in a socially responsible way, using only sustainable materials and nickel free buttons.

Interzoo 2018: the eco friendly dog collection

First of all, in our way to design garments that are unique, we need to talk about our denim dog beds collection that features style and comfort for the perfect rest of your canine friend. The perfect complements for those nights on the sofa.

Our denim dog clothing line is the most innovative concept for dogs. We only use the most authentic indigo yarns and fabrics in order to eliminate waste.

Our organic line is 100% made of certified organic cotton. Sounds great right? It’s so natural that your pet will feel the garment as its second skin.

We also have a sustainable collection, more stylish and as just as planet friendly as the organic, becasue we don’t use chemical elements and we avoid harmful elements.

At Hey Puppies we deeply believe that every beautiful garment starts as a fantastic fabric. But what if the fabric reduces waste? This is the genesis of our Upcycled line, and our great challenge is transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, wanted products into new materials or products of better quality or which have a better environmental value.

“Of course all our buttons in all of our garments are nickel free to prevent bad skin reactions or dermatitis.”

That’s our goal, to provide fashionable options for your dog using thoughtful materials.

We have reserved the date for the next exhibition. Hey Puppies, the environmently friendly dog clothing brand, will be back at Interzoo on 2020 with pawsitive vibes. Visit us in Nuremberg from Tuesday 19 May until Friday 22 May.

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Why choose organic materials for your dog

Choose organic materials for your dog

Putting the wrong clothes on your pets might be a risk for their health and be a trigger for dermatitis, allergies and other inflammatory diseases. Did you know that? That is why you have to choose organic materials for your dog.

Your puppy is not just a pet, it is a friend and part of your family. And taking care of your furry baby by offering quality food is not enough, at the time of dressing him it is also very important to pay attention to the clothes he wears. Skin problems is one of the main  reasons dogs may end at the veterinary.

Moreover there are several dog breeds that require special attention when dressing like the french bulldog, pug, chihuahua, pomeranians and many more. True comfort and quality materials are crucial in these cases.

Choose organic materials for your dog

This is one of the reasons we decided to create a new and natural ethical dog fashion concept. We choose only the highest quality organic and sustainable fabrics. Organic cotton, a “good friend of your “best friend” has natural antiallergic properties, and unlike many synthetic and acrylic materials, it is free of irritating chemicals.

Organic cotton is a very eco-friendly fabric as it is grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment, without pesticides, herbicides or other chemical fertilizers. Its seeds are GMO-free and it fabric is completely biodegradable.

Organic agriculture protects the health of people, animals and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply, and are also associated with serious health issues.

Our mission for a better 4-legged world is just getting started! Support our Eco Friendly Dog Fashion Brand and dress your little friend with sustainable style and garments that help for a better environment.

Check out our organic collection and leave a comment in the section below!